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The name truly says it all. is designed for everyone who loves lighthouses. We are a small site right now, but we have big plans.  In addition to expanding the Photo Gallery with additional lighthouses, we plan to offer our photographs for purchase in your choice of size and matte. We are also working on some other features, including a lighthouse locator and lighthouse book reviews.  Please be sure to check back often. is a family project.  All of the photographs were taken by Sherri.  She has also written the accompanying information for each lighthouse in the Gallery.  Jason designed and implemented the the web site itself.  Please contact us if you have comments or suggestions for our site.

A letter from Sherri

I remember as a child the first time that I saw a lighthouse was on a church bulletin.  As a young teen I visited Bodie Island light and Cape Hatteras lighthouse on the Outer Banks. I was forever enamored with these great sentinels of the sea.  I have a great respect for the ocean that can both give and take life, and this respect has fostered my love of lighthouses. My family and I have enjoyed many trips to the Outer Banks, Coastal Maine, Canada, as well as the Chesapeake Bay of Maryland and our native Virginia - forever in search of that beacon on the shore.  Each lighthouse is unique, and as different as we are from one another. Yet, all lighthouses are the same in that they provide that guiding light that reaches across the dark and churning waves of unpredictable waters to bring a ship to safe harbor.  It reminds me of our Heavenly Father and how his love guides us through the dark and treacherous journeys throughout our own lives, to finally reach our safe harbor. Many times friends and family have said to me, "I saw a lighthouse and it reminded me of you."  They may not know it, but they have given me a wonderful compliment.

It is my hope that you will enjoy browsing the Lighthouse Photo Gallery. I will continue to add our photographs as we travel throughout the East Coast, as well as interesting facts and information that would be enjoyed by fellow lighthouse enthusiasts.  These photos will be available for purchase with choices of size and matte styles in the near future.  Be sure to visit often, and please feel free to e-mail us with any comments or suggestions you have.